Sounds of the Farmers Market

Sounds of the Farmers Market.   Catch him every Saturday!!

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Farmers work holiday week-ends

Tomorrow is Saturday which means Market day!  Another great thing about a Farmer, come rain, come shine, they’ll be there with a smile on their face.

This past month has brought fresh, sweet, chemical free Strawberries, awesome Asparagus, not to mention the other veggies.  As the days of summer grow longer, the list of veggies will also grow longer!  Wait till you see some of the crazy varieties of Tomatoes., types I never knew existed!

South of the James Market at Forest Hill Park is growing.  I love talking to first timers!  Last wk-end, I ran into 2 couples, both couples were newcomers to Richmond and said finding the local Farmer Markets in town was one of their first priority.  One couple from southern Maryland said they use to drive 45 minutes to their local beef Farmer.   Based on what I see and hear at the local Markets,  the consumer has realized we DO have a choice.  We ARE NOT tied to the industrial grocery stores.  If you eat sick food, meaning full of chemicals and hormones, you’ll be sick and, as the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”.   Sure you pay alittle more but isn’t your family worth it?  Its awesome to look into the eyes of a Farmer and know what you’re buying is SAFE, CLEAN and NOT full of chemicals/hormones.  Just the idea of talking to the family who grew my veggies, raised my meat or baked my breads is such an awesome thing!  Another bonus, we never have to worry about food recalls.  Hope to see ya at the Market!

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Eating what’s in Season

I read an article today from Gourmet magazine, published March 2009:  This is just some of the highlights.  The article goes deeper into how we get these “ripe” tomatoes on the grocery store shelf.   Granted, we are going into summer when our local tomatoes from local farmers are the one and only choice!

Immokalee, FL. -is the tomato capital of the United States. Between November-May, as much as 90 percent of the fresh domestic tomatoes we eat come from south Florida, and Immokalee is home to one of the area’s largest communities of farm workers.   Tomatoes are picked hard and green and artificially gassed until their skins acquire a marketable hue. Modern plant breeding has tripled yields, but produces fruits with a fraction of the calcium, Vitamin A, and Vitamin C, and fourteen times as much sodium as the tomatoes our parents enjoyed. Lets continue to support our local farmers who grow in season veggies/fruits and do not use horrible pesticides.  Our local farmers work hard all year long to bring us clean, flavorful products that are safe for our families!

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Amazing things at South of the James Market

This past Saturday was opening day for the Farmer Markets.  As you know, South of the James at Forest Hill Park is by far the largest!  I was so excited to see all the local farmers, it had been a long winter for us all.  Finally, it was time to smell the wonderful flavors in the air and see all the colors of Spring! Not only are the Farmers back but there are folks there that cook you fresh food!  While I was helping Deer Run Farm sell their product, people kept walking up to our table with some awesome smelling, made to order pizza.   We were so busy, all I could do is wish I had one!  The day was busy and there were alot of first timers there, wish I was happy to hear!  After the Market closed everyone was packing up and heading out, I see this truck pulling out and it was the pizza man!  This Saturday, you can bet I’ll be sinking my teeth into one of his pizza’s!  His website states he’ll be at the Byrd House Market on Tuesday’s!  I might just have to get one tomorrow!  Check out his website:

It dont get any better than this!

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Byrd House Market on Tuesdays: 3:30-7pm

Last Tuesday I hit this Farmers Market and found some great stuff!  I’m going back tomorrow!  The mushroom I bought last week were amazing.  Thanks to Steve Haas and his organically cultivated shrooms! I also want to get some fresh pasta by Bombolini Pasta, they have some awesome garlic linguine!

Fresh, homegrown shrooms!

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May 7: Opening day for the Farmer Markets

A note to all my friends, South of the James Farmer Market opens this Saturday, May 7 as well as other locations!

You’re Not a “Richmond-er” unless you’ve been to South of the James!

This is by far, the largest Farmer Market in the Richmond/surrounding area.  There are over 70 vendors.  The GREAT thing about this Market, in order to sell at this location, you have to raise it, grow it or make it.  Its what’s called a “producer only” Market.

There are a few places around town that call themselves Farmer Markets but they’re not!  Watch out for folks who sell veggies, fruits and meats as their own.  I don’t want to scare you however, as I say, an  educated consumer is a consumer who takes time to learn and ask questions.  Just because you’re at a “Farmers” Market, doesn’t mean it came from our local farmer. Not too many years ago I was at a “local” produce stand and ask where the tomatoes came from.  The answer, “out of North Carolina”.  That to me is not supporting OUR local farmers.

From what I’ve found over this past year, a Farmer LOVES to talk about what they do.  They’re very passionate about their lifestyle.  They work so hard and their changing people’s lives everyday, lives like ours.  You’ll find the local farmer becomes not only the people who supply you and your family with clean, fresh, wonderful foods but they also become a friend, and that’s another reason why it’s so awesome to shop the local Farmer Markets!

Hope to see ya Saturday!

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Grass Fed Cattle

Beef from grass-fed cattle reportedly has more nutritional value than other types of meat. The National Cattlemen’s Beef Association has noted grass-fed beef has eight times more vitamin B12, six times more zinc and two and a half times more iron than skinless chicken breasts. Grass-fed beef also has higher amounts of omega-3 fatty acids than grain-fed beef, and it may contain more conjugated linoleic acid, a polyunsaturated fatty acid that health professionals believe has cancer-fighting properties. Beef from grass-fed cattle reportedly has more nutritional value than other types of meat.

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Easy Orange Yogurt Cake served w/ Fresh Strawberries

This gallery contains 1 photo.

Easy Orange Yogurt Loaf Cake:  Makes one 9×5 loaf This is the kind of simple recipe I love to have.  It mixes up quick and can be eaten plain or topped up with fresh fruit you get from your farmer!  … Continue reading

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Powhatan Farmers Market every Thursday

I plan to visit this Market on opening day!

May 5 – November the Market will be open every Thursday 4pm-7pm.  Located at the Roundabout in the Village 3839 Old Buckingham Road .

A big welcome to the market producers and artisans – Goin Family Farms, Manakintowne Specialty Growers, De Rochonnet Delights Chocolatier, Dutch Oven Bakery, Amelia Soap Co., Lar-Lyn Farms, Baraham Seafood, Hog Wild, Hertzler Farm & Feed, and Byrd Cellars. As May grows closer, they will be adding more vendors!
We’re excited to add Gem View Farm, Frosted and Dipped, Cedar Springs Farm, Jolly J’s Kettle Korn, Rock Castle Farm, Cakes by JLynn, Thistle and Shamrock Ranch.

This is a new Market for me!  I cant wait to explore what this Market has to offer!!  I’ll keep you posted!

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Farmer Markets/Vendors

Vendors list has been posted for two of the Farmer Markets!  South of the James Market, located at Forest Hill Park and the Market at St. Stephens Church, located at 6000 Grove Ave.  Websites listed on Blog!



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