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USDA March 17, 2011

    Below is an article from:  The Federal Register, which is a Government Journal. To me, I think their numbers are still too high. The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced revised and new performance standards, going … Continue reading

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Tis’ the Season for Grass-Fed Beef

Are you interested in where your meat comes from? Are you starting to ask questions?  Epitomized by Michael Pollen’s popular Omnivore’s Dilemma book, a movement is growing and calling for change. Cow’s stomachs evolved to eat grass, not grain. Pollen’s … Continue reading

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Lets try again!

As many of you know, setting up a blog is new to me!  I first tried Google Blog but was slow to learn  that you needed to set up a Google blog account.  Thanks to one of my farmer friends, … Continue reading

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>Deer Run Farm of Amelia – LocalHarvest

> Deer Run Farm is owned and operated by a wonderful, caring family.  Over this past year, we’ve had the pleasure of buying our Beef , Chicken and Eggs from this family.  Deer Run Farm is located on 200+ acres … Continue reading

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Find your way to the Farmer Markets

>Where to find Farmer Markets and Local Farms Go to this website and find all our local Farmer Markets or find local farms.  You can do many searches on this website and read what the farm has to offer!

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>Gas Prices / Food Prices going up

> Food prices will continue to increase this Spring/Summer right along with fuel but U can do something about it! Mark you calender for May 7, first Saturday in May! This is the day all local Farmer Markets open through-out … Continue reading

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