Find your way to the Farmer Markets

>Where to find Farmer Markets and Local Farms

Go to this website and find all our local Farmer Markets or find local farms.  You can do many searches on this website and read what the farm has to offer!


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3 Responses to Find your way to the Farmer Markets

  1. myrabyrd says:

    >I love farmers' markets! Great blog.

    • scoffield1 says:

      Hi Myra,
      Thanks for the feedback! I hope it takes off! I really want our locals to know we have farmers in our area that we need to support, keeping our money local! Farmers that care about the community, farmers that take pride in what they do. We, as a Nation need a food revolution. Its time we stand up and say enough is enough to these large corporations who is only about the bottom line, quantity and not quality. I hope from time to time you check out the blog!
      Take it easy,

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