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Deer Run Farm is owned and operated by a wonderful, caring family.  Over this past year, we’ve had the pleasure of buying our Beef , Chicken and Eggs from this family.  Deer Run Farm is located on 200+ acres in Amelia County.  They specialize in grass-fed/finished beef, pasture raised poultry and eggs from free-roaming pastured hens. They NEVER give hormones or antibiotics to any of their animals.  They also continue to maintain the integrity of the land, which is very important.
Currently, they are working on getting their website up and running for the 2011 season!

You’ll have the chance to meet them at 3 different locations this year!
South of the James Market, Sat. 8-12 @ Forest Hill Park
St. Stephens Market, Sat. 8-12 @
6000 Grove Avenue

West End Farmers Market Wedn. 3-7pm @ Intersection of Gayton Rd. & Ridgefield Pkwy.


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