Lets try again!

As many of you know, setting up a blog is new to me!  I first tried Google Blog but was slow to learn  that you needed to set up a Google blog account.  Thanks to one of my farmer friends, Dawn with Pair-A-Dice Farm, she lead me to World Press. So, if you would, please leave a blog and lets see how this works!  Cheers, Sheila



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10 Responses to Lets try again!

  1. Sandra says:

    I love this and it has made me very excited about eating healthier. Thanks

    • scoffield1 says:

      Thanks Sandra!
      I’m glad to hear you enjoyed the products I gave you! Isn’t it absolutely amazon how much better the taste is. The beef actually has a taste and the chicken, we’ll you cant beat it. I was never one to like the white meat but not any more! I will keep you posted on all the events that will be happening soon!
      Cant wait to host the gathering that Deer Run Farms will be doing at our home! I’m looking forward to sharing with you the South of the James Market. You are going to love it and like me, you’ll wonder why you never knew about it!! Its going to be an awesome season!

  2. Dawn says:

    Your blog well organized, concise, and user-friendly. It’s full of local happenings and I think this will be a well received blog. I’m impressed.

    • scoffield1 says:

      Thanks for the kinds words on the blog! I still have some work to do, having issues with a few categories. I’m looking forward to opening day at the Market! I’m going through withdraws for fresh veggies and more lamb!
      Falco and Max are also going through withdraws! Its been some time since they’ve had any lamb liver, kidney’s!! We need to talk about how I can go about getting more people on my blog! I think I need some business cards! Have a great wk-end.

  3. Marlene says:

    Hey Sheila….Great Blog!! Love the way it looks. Kudos to you for bringing this awesome information to everyone. Keep up the good work!

    Miss you….:o)

    • scoffield1 says:

      Thanks Marlene!
      I’m doing my best to make folks aware that we DO have a choice. We dont have to support industrial meats/veggies/fruit. Opening day for our Markets is May 7, and it cant come soon enough! Matt and I are going to become a Host Home for Deer Run Farms. Folks in the Chester/Colonial Heights area will be able to place an order for Beef, Chicken and Eggs on their website. Then, once a month, Deer Run will deliver the orders to our house. This not only brings fresh meats to the customer (from farm to fork) but they will be able to meet the Farmer that raised their products! Cant get better than that!!

  4. Ruth Ann Hutchinson says:

    Sheila, Love the site and your enthusiasm! Keep it up–more people need to be as informed as you are about the foods they eat.
    Ruth Ann 🙂

    • scoffield1 says:

      Ruth Ann,
      Thanks for the feedback! I cant wait to see y’all’s website!
      Looking forward to seeing you guys at the Markets. Had a friend over tonight, we had chicken! They wanted the secret in how I made/cooked the chicken so moist!!! I was happy to tell them it was from Deer Run Farm! Another person interested! We’re down to 2 chickens. When will you have more?
      Have a great wk-end

  5. Annette says:

    Love it!!!! Thanks for all the great info, you ROCK!!!!!

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