USDA March 17, 2011


This is why we buy local


Below is an article from:  The Federal Register, which is a Government Journal. To me, I think their numbers are still too high.

The USDA Food Safety and Inspection Service has announced revised and new performance standards, going into effect in July, aimed at reducing the prevalence of salmonella and campylobacter (Bacteria) in young chickens and turkeys.  In the most recently published USDA reports, for the 3rd quarter of 2010, an average of 7.4% of chicken carcasses at processing plants nationwide tested positive for detectable levels of salmonella. The new USDA performance standard is 7.5%. The FSIS notice also adopts a campylobacter standard for the first time: no more than 10.4% of raw chickens sampled should have Campylobacter jejuni, C. lari and/or C. coli on them.

“These improved standards are a stronger buffer between foodborne illnesses and our consumers, especially our most vulnerable consumers .  “There is no more important mission at the USDA than ensuring the safety of our food, and we are working every day to lower the danger of foodborne illness. The new standards announced today mark an important step in our efforts to protect consumers by further reducing the incidence of salmonella and opening a new front in the fight against campylobacter.”


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