May 7: Opening day for the Farmer Markets

A note to all my friends, South of the James Farmer Market opens this Saturday, May 7 as well as other locations!

You’re Not a “Richmond-er” unless you’ve been to South of the James!

This is by far, the largest Farmer Market in the Richmond/surrounding area.  There are over 70 vendors.  The GREAT thing about this Market, in order to sell at this location, you have to raise it, grow it or make it.  Its what’s called a “producer only” Market.

There are a few places around town that call themselves Farmer Markets but they’re not!  Watch out for folks who sell veggies, fruits and meats as their own.  I don’t want to scare you however, as I say, an  educated consumer is a consumer who takes time to learn and ask questions.  Just because you’re at a “Farmers” Market, doesn’t mean it came from our local farmer. Not too many years ago I was at a “local” produce stand and ask where the tomatoes came from.  The answer, “out of North Carolina”.  That to me is not supporting OUR local farmers.

From what I’ve found over this past year, a Farmer LOVES to talk about what they do.  They’re very passionate about their lifestyle.  They work so hard and their changing people’s lives everyday, lives like ours.  You’ll find the local farmer becomes not only the people who supply you and your family with clean, fresh, wonderful foods but they also become a friend, and that’s another reason why it’s so awesome to shop the local Farmer Markets!

Hope to see ya Saturday!


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One Response to May 7: Opening day for the Farmer Markets

  1. scoffield1 says:

    Forgot to tell you, South of the James Market is pet friendly! Bring your K-9!

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