Amazing things at South of the James Market

This past Saturday was opening day for the Farmer Markets.  As you know, South of the James at Forest Hill Park is by far the largest!  I was so excited to see all the local farmers, it had been a long winter for us all.  Finally, it was time to smell the wonderful flavors in the air and see all the colors of Spring! Not only are the Farmers back but there are folks there that cook you fresh food!  While I was helping Deer Run Farm sell their product, people kept walking up to our table with some awesome smelling, made to order pizza.   We were so busy, all I could do is wish I had one!  The day was busy and there were alot of first timers there, wish I was happy to hear!  After the Market closed everyone was packing up and heading out, I see this truck pulling out and it was the pizza man!  This Saturday, you can bet I’ll be sinking my teeth into one of his pizza’s!  His website states he’ll be at the Byrd House Market on Tuesday’s!  I might just have to get one tomorrow!  Check out his website:

It dont get any better than this!


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