Farmers work holiday week-ends

Tomorrow is Saturday which means Market day!  Another great thing about a Farmer, come rain, come shine, they’ll be there with a smile on their face.

This past month has brought fresh, sweet, chemical free Strawberries, awesome Asparagus, not to mention the other veggies.  As the days of summer grow longer, the list of veggies will also grow longer!  Wait till you see some of the crazy varieties of Tomatoes., types I never knew existed!

South of the James Market at Forest Hill Park is growing.  I love talking to first timers!  Last wk-end, I ran into 2 couples, both couples were newcomers to Richmond and said finding the local Farmer Markets in town was one of their first priority.  One couple from southern Maryland said they use to drive 45 minutes to their local beef Farmer.   Based on what I see and hear at the local Markets,  the consumer has realized we DO have a choice.  We ARE NOT tied to the industrial grocery stores.  If you eat sick food, meaning full of chemicals and hormones, you’ll be sick and, as the old saying goes, “You are what you eat”.   Sure you pay alittle more but isn’t your family worth it?  Its awesome to look into the eyes of a Farmer and know what you’re buying is SAFE, CLEAN and NOT full of chemicals/hormones.  Just the idea of talking to the family who grew my veggies, raised my meat or baked my breads is such an awesome thing!  Another bonus, we never have to worry about food recalls.  Hope to see ya at the Market!


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